Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for your services?

Aus Cloud 365 have an hourly rate, as opposed to a service dependent cost-system. We’re 100% transparent and would be more than happy to provide this information over the phone.

Are you able to recommend products for my workplace?

Absolutely! We have access to some of the best and most effective resources on the market. We can take care of your server deployment from end to end, including the installation of new equipment.

Do you offer assistance after hours?

Yeswe offer round the clock services to keep on top of all your IT issues. Call us on 1300 287 365 for remote support, or on-site assistance.

Do you come out to my location?

Yes we do! We don’t expect our clients to have any knowledge regarding IT, and we understand how difficult it can be to explain your issue. To avoid miscommunication, we’re happy to come out to your location and assess the problem.

How do I know when to update my software?

We update software as part of our managed services. Some of the tell-tale signs of an outdated system are:

Speed: If your software takes far too long to load, we’re happy to carry out an assessment and identify how your server can be improved.

Dis-organisation: If you’re struggling to maintain organisation of your business, it’s time for an upgrade. There are plenty of excellent solutions available to help with data management, communication, and overall organisation.

Inability to comply with customer demand: Are your customers requesting for things that aren’t within your scope of capabilities? We might have the answer! See what software is available to meet the ever-growing demands.

User experience is poor: If you find your software slow, frustrating and difficult to navigate, there’s likely to be a good alternative available.

Security is ineffective: If your security has been breached, it needs to be updated. It should be near impossible for people to access your data.

Can you help with my slow network?

Yes! Low speed could be linked to outdated software, low storage capacity, virus spread, or a range of other problems. We’ll get to the bottom of it and introduce a new strategy to improve your server’s performance.

How do I restore lost data?

Simply just give us a call. We’re specialists in data back-up and recovery, so we’ll help you get your work back in minimal time. We also introduce new software to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

What kind of companies are good candidate for managed services?

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries use Managed Services for a variety of different reasons.  Small to medium size companies use MSPs to provide full IT services so they can focus on their core business and maintain operational cost control.  Larger companies may use an MPS to augment the in house IT staff, having the MSP handle the more day to day tasks freeing up resources to complete more strategic projects.  Companies that need 24x7x365 monitoring and alert will engage an MSP to assist with that coverage.

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